Autoworx Global provides real world & advanced manufacturing experience consulting. A culmination of Global experience will allow our team to streamline, improve and ignite a spark in your business. From directing, management, organization, improving manufacturing processes and implementation of systems and procedures - to finding market segment connections, Autoworx Global has the experience and knowledge to upgrade your business.


Experience success.

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Experience in Niche Markets.

Autoworx develops your business into the automotive, aerospace, mining, civil and other markets.

We currently work in Canada, contiguous US, Mexico, Brazil and European markets.

Our experiences range from rigging capital equipment to complete manufacturing facilities and relocation globally.

Cost Effective Manufacturing Materials.

We work with local steel mills, foundries and slitters in emerging markets and North/South American markets.

Time Conscious

Cost Effective

Expand Globally

With high strength and exotic materials, we can keep costs down and quality up.


Transportation of Materials, stamped components and assemblies for the automotive and non-automotive markets.

Stamping Tools, Injection Molds & Manufacturing Equipment.

Strategically available globally, we can facilitate your requirements in Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Engineering is based out of North America and then manufactured for strategic locations and cost savings.

We also have access to all Auctions globally for used equipment that can be revamped and put into production with the latest safety standards and applications for better cost savings.

Environmental, CSA-CANADA, OSHA-U.S.A, C.E- E.U & Civil Construction